Thursday, June 29, 2006


Got back from Cork a few weeks ago and noticed that there tiny mushrooms (or toadstools) in between the Mesembryanthemum – Livingstone Daisies – planted in the pots. Initially the mushrooms/toadstools – what is the difference? – were present in one pot but now they have appeared in another also with Mesembryanthemum.

All the daisies were potted out in containers and covered with gravel (to retain precious moisture). Was wondering whether the spores were in the compost used, gravel or from the water? The water level in the butt is dwindling to the point where is disappeared over the weekend. Was, therefore, a happy gardener on Monday when the heavens opened! Any how, thought this might be a good point to clean out the butt and took a peek inside (first time in a year – oops). In about 1cm of water there was plenty of sediment which could contain spores. Got a job to do over the weekend, there is a water butt to clean.


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