Friday, June 30, 2006

Ripe for the picking

Planted out Al’s raspberry canes over a month ago, much later than when they should have gone in the ground. This probably explains why they haven’t grown much but the fruit has developed and tastes amazing… sweet yet tart, and delicious with some yogurt, banana and cashew nuts. Might have a few more berries to enjoy over the weekend and then it’ll be a years wait for some home grown fruit. Just a little concerned about the yellow/orange freckles that have appeared. Got a sneaking suspicion that it might be rust. Going to cut them back as recommended, and thin out the canes which didn’t take and now resemble brown shriveled twigs. This will hopefully improve aeration round the plants and reduce any rust. Any resulting succulent red packages of fruity goodness are definitely worth the effort!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Got back from Cork a few weeks ago and noticed that there tiny mushrooms (or toadstools) in between the Mesembryanthemum – Livingstone Daisies – planted in the pots. Initially the mushrooms/toadstools – what is the difference? – were present in one pot but now they have appeared in another also with Mesembryanthemum.

All the daisies were potted out in containers and covered with gravel (to retain precious moisture). Was wondering whether the spores were in the compost used, gravel or from the water? The water level in the butt is dwindling to the point where is disappeared over the weekend. Was, therefore, a happy gardener on Monday when the heavens opened! Any how, thought this might be a good point to clean out the butt and took a peek inside (first time in a year – oops). In about 1cm of water there was plenty of sediment which could contain spores. Got a job to do over the weekend, there is a water butt to clean.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wrong again

So much for those brown fingers! Okay Arctic Queen and her snow-white, semi-double flowers has gone to join the giant flower-patch-in-the-sky, but the pink clematis, inherited with the garden, is flowering away. And the passion flower has started to bloom, have one flower so far but there are signs suggesting more is on the way! It’s really taken to the spot and is scrambling up the garage wall, weaving between the jasmine and apple tree. Although don’t want to encourage it in that particular direction otherwise it will smother the tree which is what Burt’s honeysuckle is trying to do!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Floppy poppy

They were magnificent upright stems until the rains a few weeks back but that hasn’t diminished their elegance whilst flowering. The pale pink petals have lasted a lot longer than last year, and it’s been the longest display so far. The poppy was a gift from Nilani as she was dividing her plants. And five years on it has really taken to the garden. Going to divide it later in the year and think I should be able to get three or four plants – one has obviously been promised to Dee.

Visited Wakefield Place yesterday, which was beautiful. After a walk round the gardens we ventured into the walled garden, it was a delight – a proper cottage garden. They had two varieties, Patties Plum and Royal Wedding. The first was a gorgeous honey edged plum colour and the second was an ivory white. Going to see if I can find one of each, since poppies seem immune to S&S and thrive in Our Patch of Green! Purple, pink and white crepe-paper like flowers to start the summer – can’t wait!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flowers for August

Yes, picked up some plants for the wedding this weekend. The Nicotiana are all in the ground with some short canes for support. Thought that if you’re going to do the job might as well do it properly! Was gutted this morning to see two snails chomping through one of the plants in the back garden. Revenge was sweet as they crackled under foot.

These are plants in the front, so far they have been unmolested. They are positioned around the pinks and sweet williams. Was thinking that this way there should be colour throughout the summer.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Plan B

Just as I thought, any seedlings that were emerging have been eaten. So much for the idea of a meadow area. Still, have some seeds that were kept back for this eventuality. Am determined to have an area full of poppies, cornflowers and other mixed annuals! Out went the second lot yesterday – fingers-crossed that they get a chance to grow.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

First time for everything

Here, hopefully, is my first picture for the blog. It's a pressie from Suzy for my birthday last year. Something that always makes me smile. Been busy with some housekeeping and have uploaded a few more pictures onto the site. Feeling quite techie!