Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rust or bust…

Got a soft spot for hollyhocks probably because its one of the few perennials that does return year after year. Unfortunately so does the rust. There must have been spores lying latent in the ground as every individual has succumb to infection. Since the beginning of year I’ve been dutifully removing any leaves showing the orange signs – I’ve been busy! Don’t think that I’ll be able to get rid of the fungus Puccinia malvacearum since its apparently prevalent and online advice suggests that the best line of attack of defence?!? They are definitely worth the effort for the bees, butterflies, spiders and me fully appreciate their open simple flowers.

This weekend those individuals that weren’t pulled up at the end of the year have been given some solid support to grow against. A solitary bamboo cane just ain’t enough for these towering giants. Hopefully that’ll keep ‘em upright and out of the garden path. In the past there have been creamy-white, dusty-pink and peachy flowers. Have no idea what colours are going to appear this year. Ah, so easily pleased!


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