Monday, May 22, 2006

Continuous battering

Like most gardeners I’ve welcomed the rain even if it does mean that I can’t get out to do anything (apart from crush the odd snail – stepping on slugs just ain’t as satisfying). However, didn’t really consider the damage the wind would do… The once vertical aquilegias have been flattened. The honeysuckle stems that were reaching upwards are now dangling horizontally (this is even after they were entwined with the last year’s remains of Arctic Queen – which I must cut back). Also featuring the horizontal look is the oriental poppy, with leaves and flowers splayed across the path and surrounding plants. It was given as a present from a friend at work and has really adapted to the garden. Going to divide the plant this autumn as it’s been left to its own devices for the last three years. I’m so glad the hollyhocks were supported a few weeks ago. I guess the silver-lining is that the water butt is continually replenished and the seeds for the meadow patch (planted last weekend) have been watered and are beginning to emerge. Just hoping that a few will make it to maturity before they are consumed by the hordes of slugs and snails!


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