Friday, April 21, 2006

It’s not a competition but…

…the tulips are out before the daffs! Admittedly the daffs are in the dampest part of the garden which receives pitiful amounts of sunshine. And the tulips are located in the sunniest part of the border, worshiping the sun all day long (cloud coverage permitting). There are plenty of greens, whites and yellows about so those vivid reds really stand out! The daffs are slowly emerging revealing several pale cream blossoms with a bright orange centre per stem (also known as tazetta daffodils). This is the first time daffs have featured in the garden. I’m thinking of adding bulbs to the front which is distinctly lacking colour at the mo. Maybe some purple or pink tulips positioned between the lavender next to the box? Oh, looking forward to autumn now and those catalogues!


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