Friday, January 20, 2006

Sciurus Carolinensis

Cute when you’re young and irksome when you’re older. It seems that the Grey Squirrel has taken a shine to my bulbs and would prefer them as a snack than a flower. This would explain the holes that have appeared in my pots, voids that correspond to the position of the bulbs.

Then last week I noticed one scampering along and down the branch towards the bird feeder. There it started to demolish the nuts. It took the squirrel(s) two days to finish them off. And to think I was beginning to enjoy the company of blue and great tits, blackbirds and sparrows… Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it.


The display on the South Bank was great on New Years Eve. Shar and I had an excellent view in front of the London Eye. It seemed to last for ages, and I particularly enjoyed the gold that exploded and then floated over the river. A couple of days later I noticed a strange wooden/cane stick in the grass. It was stuck in the ground at an angle with a green cylinder attached to the side. That’s not a firework is it? Have plenty of experience in the ‘ohhing and ahhing’ department but absolutely zip in the purchasing and setting off. I’m a little apprehensive about approaching it, but figure its not going to do me any harm unless I’m carrying a flame – not likely!!! Well it’s got to go – it’s absolutely ruining the vista to the garage!