Friday, December 16, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Ah it’s great to be back. Didn’t suffer from jetlag this time round (thankfully – was dreading sleepless nights with your mind in overdrive). Our patch of green is looking a little forlorn. I can’t wait to get out there and tidy up, keep slipping on and squishing the rotting apples that are scattered about the place.

It was all a mad rush before leaving so I didn’t have a chance to bring in the dahlias or olives – although I’ll admit that I didn’t think that they would come to much harm... Was only away for four weeks right? Whilst enjoying another downpour in Sydney I learnt that a cold snap was hitting Europe – NO! A quick inspection and the olives are fine but I can’t tell with the dahlias until next year…

It seems that in my absence the only plants to have really suffered were the chilli but then they died on me last year too…


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