Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A few holiday tales…

The holiday was great – got to catch up with friends that have decided living on the other side of the world is for them, and quickly established that I couldn’t be a gardener in Australia. Far too many nasty creepy crawlies, large and small, that aren’t just satisfied with existence no, they enter your bedroom and loiter on the wall for fun… Good thing there was a hoover was to hand! And yes, you can suck up a Huntsman (big squat hairy spider, Aussie version of a tarantula) using your standard vacuum cleaner.

It was supposed to be spring out there but you could have fooled me with the amount of rain we had – still got to see quite a few awesome electrical storms which raged on for hours. When I arrived the Jacaranda were in full flower. They are gorgeous! The trees were bare apart from the purple/blue blossom so it seemed as if the sky has fallen on top of them or they were holding up the heavens. This description isn’t doing them any justice but perhaps you get the picture. They are so exotic and pretty – clumps of soothing purple dotted between houses, buildings, beaches and around the harbour. If I lived somewhere hot, then I’d have to have one near me…


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