Wednesday, November 02, 2005

5 kilos and counting...

The one vegetable that gets ignored throughout the year is the one plant that yields a crop of over 5 kilos this season!!! I thought that I had yanked them all up last year but obviously missed a few. Friends and family have mainly been eating Jerusalem artichokes this week – lucky things! Must invest in a blender, since you can only eat so many roasted and pan-fried tubers!

Just call me a domestic goddess!

Coz that’s what I feel like! Pulled up all the J. artichokes over the weekend which was a battle. There are still some tubers lurking under the roses that I couldn’t reach, but at least they have been cleared away. Planted out as many of bulbs as I could before the rains started. And to top it all off completed my first batch of chutney for the season. Nigella, move over honey!