Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Take a break

Not been around much for the last couple of months. There was an interesting trip to South Africa with work and then weekends away in Cambridge and Brussels. Just getting back into the usual routine and thus turning my attention, belatedly, to the garden. To tell you the truth this seems to happen most years. You’re all fired up at the beginning of the year hungry for new experiences and delights, but the enthusiasm seems to fizzle out by the end of summer. Take a break for a while, let the batteries recharge, energy is re-ignited and you're off again. Not too bothered since the garden is a picture in spring with vibrant colour exploding in March/April petering slowly out once you reach August… along with the interest – hmm, there might be a correlation here…


Blogger Katie said...

I know what you mean about enthusiasm starting to wane. Al's left a couple of his veggie plants wither and die and he's yet to muster the energy to take the things to the composter. Meanwhile, I've left the weeding for so long that I'm not sure if any of my plants are alive under the weed leaf canopy.

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