Monday, August 22, 2005

Great, more ants

I’m not a fan of ants. Especially when you’re weeding a border and they erupt en mass, swarming about, getting everywhere. It freaks me out when the soil becomes this moving entity generally heading in my direction. Then yesterday whilst chopping some brambles into more manageable pieces I came across a red ants nest in the middle of the grassy area – which I can’t bring myself to call a lawn. They were tiny and moving grubs from one, of the many, bare patches... Just the colour brings back painful memories of being bitten on holiday – the bites are like paper cuts, small and irritating. Now there are two sets to contend with – fabulous!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Flopping tomatoes

This is what happens when you forget to stake the tomatoes when you plant them and then keep putting off the support they need until it’s too late. Instead of columns, there are sprawling rows – I had mentioned that the garden has been a little neglected recently… Compared with last year there don’t seem to be as many tomatoes. This is only my second year growing them so I’m putting it down to the weather and not my horticultural skills!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Summer stimulation

It’s been a difficult last couple of weeks with the usual routine all over the place and as a result something has had to give...unfortunately that’s been the garden. I’ve probably been the only person glad to see the rain, since there’s been no time to dedicate to watering. As a result the tomatoes and bean ain’t looking half as bad as they could, although the honeysuckle, given as a pressie from mom, is looking pretty forlorn… still need to find a home for it. Hopefully this weekend there’ll be a chance to get outside, forget any troubles and simply enjoy the summer sights, sounds and smells.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The plant sitter

Not surprisingly, since its summer, I’ve acquired plants from my sister and a friend whilst they are away on holiday. There's Vicki’s olive tree which we gave to her as a leaving pressie when she started a new job and my sister, Dee, managed to persuade me to take her sweet peas, sunflowers and tomatoes, so my little patio is chocker with pots. Everytime I walk past them I have to remind myself that they aren’t mine. Would love to stick Dee’s sunflowers in the ground – my ground – oh, the temptation. Maybe I should have mention my rates: one sunflower per every ten pots… Sounds quite reasonable to me!