Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Relocation, relocation

Have I mentioned before that there’s a large lemon balm shrub in the back? During our first year here I grew lots of herbs from seed – to keep the costs down – and this was one of the survivors. My first year gardening was a steep learning curve since I knew next to nothing. Anything that made it through 2001 is obviously a resilient, despite my best efforts. Yes, the mortality rate during that year was particularly high!

One balm is enough and since the seedlings like the back so much I’m hoping that they will take to the front too. May be there won’t be as much cat/fox (not sure which) poo left as nasty smelling presents. There’s nothing worse then weeding/working a border and coming across an unwanted, sticky, yicky, mass! Yuck! Sorry, wandering off the point (as usual). The plan is that the balm will also fill the gaps between the really slow growing box – so there might be a hedge by 2020!


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