Thursday, July 07, 2005

Questions, questions, questions

The rocket has withered down to hard brittle stalks with wizened seed heads still intact. Does any one know how to collect the seeds? Do you remove the seeds and dry them out on some newspaper/tissue paper/something equivalent until they are dark and hard? I collected some soft brown seeds, from the still green seed heads, but they’ve gone mouldy. Hmm, I think I’m doing something wrong!

I’m also not sure how to collect Oriental poppy seeds either. The seeds from the seed head don’t look (or feel) ready since they are still on the soft side. Do you collect the seeds later in the year – end of summer? And should the seeds be hard when you cut the seed head? Are the seed heads left on the stalk/plant or hung upside down somewhere?


Blogger Al said...

I think you just need to wait for the seed heads to dry on the stems in the ground. I've found that our rocket seed heads have split before (they go really brittle and brown), throwing out many seeds, but there are always plenty still remaining in the pods to save. try all sorts of things then see what gets you the desired effect!

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