Monday, July 11, 2005


And I don’t mean our stressed public transport system although it could do with some additional resources especially on the 200 route into Wimbledon! No, overcrowding might be the reason why the hollyhocks succumb to rust last year. Finally got to catch an episode of Gardener’s World and, although Monty was referring to roses, I guess rust and the conditions for its development could be transposed to other plants. Damp, poor ventilation and overcrowding is the necessary environment for rust growth. Since removing most of the hollyhocks those left behind are healthier with less rust than last year. Clearing out the older plants has provided the seeds with the opportunity to germinate, so I’ve been gingerly removing the seedlings, which isn’t as easy as it sounds since they have a delicate and long tap root. A good exercise in patience and dexterity. And plenty of pressies to give to friends and family!


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