Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mojito anyone?

Last year Niall, Shane and I went mojito crazy guzzling the refreshing beverage by the pint. The consumption rate was so high that we ran out of one ingredient (and there aren’t that many) – mint. This year there was no way I was going to buy mint so ignoring all advice I planted out the mint in a border. It had previously been planted out in pots to curb its invasive tendencies. In just one year it’s taken over all whole border, edging out the Sweet William. For some reason we haven’t been so mojito crazy and so I now have a garden of mint! Better get drinking...

For a perfect mojito you have to journey to Spain (or Mexico according to Chio) but we’ve been savouring the delights of the following:
Crush ice and place in a tumbler
Gently mix 2–4 springs of mint and sugar (we use brown sugar)
Add the juice of 1 lime
Add a generous slug of rum (not Barcardi)
Shake ingredients well, pour over the crushed ice, stir gently and enjoy!!


Blogger Al said...

I'm ready for it arsh! Bring it on!

12:35 PM  

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