Saturday, June 04, 2005

Garden giants

Niall and I feasted on Jerusalem artichoke at the end of last year. Relieved to be able to pull up all the twisted, mangled stalks that we had been threatening to remove every week since mid summer! The tubers were delicious, if a bit knobbly! I thought that I had dug them all up for the dinner table. But no, they are back again and have multipled? After consulting with Niall’s sister, Sinead – who originally provided the artichokes, they will be receiving a trim once 1m in height instead of turning into towers that keel over at the first strong wind. Better get my secateurs out soon. I guess this means Jerusalem artichoke is back on the menu!

The other giant in the garden is the aptly named giant hollyhock… this perennial has the ability to reach the stratosphere! I (reluctantly) removed all the established plants we had by the apple tree earlier this year as they were covered in rust. Again, it appears that I didn’t catch all of them… there are two plants starting their bid for vertical dominance. I’ve continued removing all leaves showing the unmistakable signs of rust just in case it starts to spread.

My foxgloves have been basking in their glory for the last couple of weeks, columns of pink and white attracting plenty of attention from the bees and me! I can’t help to stop and admire their tubular flowers and mottled colouring. Then invariably a bee appears and I’m detained even longer. What a great distraction!


Blogger Al said...

i'm so jealous of your foxgloves :(

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