Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A day out in SW3…

Yes, you guess it I was at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show on Friday and it was AWESOME!! A visual, sensory and information overload! By the time I got home I was exhausted – managed to grunt hello to Niall and just hit the sack!

This was my first ever flower show and I had no idea what to expect. To tell you the truth I was little bit nervous… Is everyone who attends these events an expert in their field? Have they been gardening for years? As you know, I’m just an enthusiastic (weekend) gardener, passionate about plants but not necessarily too hot on design – just see my patch of green!

We managed to acquire tickets for the day so off the Thiruchelvam / Gorman posse went, armed with sandwiches, water and sensible footwear to keep the spirits high! Margaret took command and decided upon on arrival that heading into the Great Pavilion (GP) would shelter us from the ready hot late morning sun. The GP (see I’ve got the lingo already!) was rammed… After completing a circuit of the perimeter we decide to stop for lunch and headed outside to listen to a jazz band and enjoy the hotter afternoon sun. Another two hours later we had covered all angles of the GP and were ready to meet my youngest sister, Shar, who had a ticket from 3pm. By this point my feet were already aching and I was beginning to flag.

But with an extra body full of enthusiasm mum, Margaret, Dee, Shar and myself set off to see the show gardens. Did I mention that it was rammed before? It was heaving by 5pm! The gardens were lovely it was just a shame that you couldn’t walk through them and feel the textures of the planting – oh I understand why the organizers/designers wouldn't want that. But gardens aren’t just visual entities; you stick you nose in the roses and Sweet Williams; you rub the herbs for their smell; you touch the flowers for their softness; you stand or sit in a garden allowing the senses to absorb the ambience…

Having said that, the day out in SW3 was fantastic. So much inspiration, food for thought, practical advice and just the joy of seeing good quality plants. I bought some seeds – don’t worry you’ll be hearing a lot more about them!


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