Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Water shortage?

Since March I haven’t heard anything further that would suggest that we will be facing a hose pipe ban. We were given the warning that it had been a dry winter and then it went quiet. After checking the Environment Agency website it seems that there has been below average rainfall affecting groundwater although reservoirs are stable. We’ve had our water butt for a month now, and during this period I thought that we had received quite a bit of rain (especially during April). So I was a little surprised when we ran out on Saturday! I’ve been using the water for pot-bound plants and seedlings – watering whenever I’ve noticed the compost looking a little dry – but nothing more than that.

I guess this demonstrates that ordering the second butt as a back-up wasn’t such a bad idea after all… That’s Niall with his Piscean instinct! He’s cleverly devised a way in which the second water butt can act as an overflow. It seems that we need to collect all the rainwater we can to see us through the summer. In theory droughts will be a distant memory, and our patch will remain forever green!


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