Thursday, May 19, 2005

Shoe fetish?

The mangy foxes in our area are pretty cocky, they roam around the neighbourhood at all hours, scavenge the bins, ripping the bags and distributing rubbish, and they poo (not sure if I can write shit?) all over the place – argh, it reeks! But the following incident tops them all… Niall and I had just got back from work and as usual left the patio door open to ventilate the back room since it catches the sun in the afternoon. We were in the kitchen and heard a sound from the next room. Niall goes to investigate and sees a fox with one of his ‘Prestige’ trainers in its jaws heading down the garden and one of Ben’s trainers lying across the lawn! Out goes Niall, to the rescue, chasing the fox which thankfully drops the trainer. (There would have been hell to pay if Niall hadn’t recovered his ‘Prestige’ trainer – he’s very proud of his ex-communist Czech Republic purchase.) We think the drama is all over when a few minutes later the fox is back again trying to liberate another trainer – any trainer, that is, except mine which were next to the patio door. Do my trainers pong that much? Nah, they just don’t pong enough – that’s what it is! Keeping an eye out for any dodgy looking foxes loitering in our street and I won’t be throwing trainers at them – that’s for sure!! This does explain the leather slipper left in the back garden a couple of weeks ago though…


Blogger Al said...

that's so funny! them manky foxes of collier's wood have a reputation for stealing, but niall's shoes? obviously didn't know what was good for it!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

That's entirely too weird!

12:42 PM  
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