Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

Would you believe that it was about this time, four years ago, that we moved into our house with so much excitement and disbelief? Wow, our house? Pinch me someone!! I'll never forget moving-in over the May Bank holiday weekend; the sun was beaming down and there were the irises pulling out the stops with a glorious bloom – they were the only permanent residents in the garden along with the apple tree, woody rose bushes and one huge shrub.

The garden hasn’t changed a lot since 2001, there have been plenty of new arrivals but the old-timers are still going strong. At the moment the irises are flowering just above the bluebells so the borders are awash with shades of blue. Irises surprise me; they loiter at the back of the bed looking slightly tatty for most of the year but come April they smarten themselves up and then produce their lovely soft flowers. Our roses are currently covered in foliage – a definite improvement from the skeletons when we first arrived. The apple tree is in full blossom, covering the garden in confetti. Oh, and the huge shrub is now a massive shrub!!


Blogger Al said...

Your irises are particularly beautiful Asha. We now have some aquilegia growing chez milway and Lee. Little purple ones, but nothing as lovely as yours!

9:02 AM  

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