Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fig-ilious – yummy

As my other half, Niall, will readily testify to patience is not one of my virtues. So I’m chuffed that my fig (nicked named Bob – don’t laugh! Bob was actually christened Ben, but then Ben moved in and to avoid confusion Ben became Bob!) has grown sufficiently over the last two years that he is ready (and more able) to fruit. We were given Bob as a present from a friend of ours, Nima, and he advised us not to let Bob fruit until a bit bigger in size.

Bob has grown and been trying to fruit every summer. Resisting temptation I’ve removed the little fig buds as they have developed leaving the smooth branches and big pale green leaves. Earlier this year Bob was repotted into a beautiful blue container and reluctantly given a short back and sides. Again on Nima’s advice I’ve placed the four branches that were removed into water; hoping for some root action.

It seems that Bob like the new home and appreciates the trim since there are two fig buds protruding from the side branches. Given Bob’s size I think that two maturing figs are enough. Apparently it takes two years for a fig to develop – blimey, that’s really going to be a test for my patience!!


Blogger Katie said...

OOh! I LOVE figs! How exciting!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Asha Thiruchelvam said...

Hey Katie, one for you and one for me!!

1:34 PM  

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