Friday, April 15, 2005

Weeds #1: ground elder

I take back everything said about keeping some weeds!

Ground elder, argh, it’s everywhere! At first it was restricted to a relatively neglected part of the garden but it seems that world (okay, garden) domination is the goal. It’s now turned up in my favourite/prized bed. Once established it’s tricky to remove due to a tenacious root system that resembles spaghetti junction. They seem to run for miles! Have to admit that it’s immeasurably satisfying pulling up them up but once you think you’ve caught them all you come across another set crisscrossing in every direction and at every depth – where do they end, do they ever end… Leave just one bit in the ground and it will come back to haunt you. It’s the only persistent weed in the garden I haven’t been able to control. It’s just a pain…

Do I start pulling it up, chasing root systems even if this disturbs the surrounding plants? Not something that I’d like to start now that they are just waking up and shooting back to life… What are you supposed to do?


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