Friday, April 01, 2005

Trim that bush!

Now, I like weeding for the simple satisfaction of a tidy area but don’t particularly enjoy the task (the old back, hips and knees tend to complain). I also enjoy sowing, particularly when rewarded with seedlings that make it through to maturity – slugs and snails permitting. But pruning is another matter…

It’s a joy when you know what you’re doing and not really concerned about the results, but for some reason I can’t cut back our roses in the same way as the buddleja, lavender and privet that have all had a good trim recently. So what’s with the procrastination? Maybe it’s because I’ve cut the roses before and they sulked all year long producing no leaves and only a few flowers. Now these roses (according to my immediate neighbour, Burt, who is a fountain of knowledge) have been around for at least 15 years and are pretty established old varieties. The flowers create the most amazing scent – so fragrant, and utterly sniffable! At the beginning of this year, ready with the secateurs, it was bring on some rose pruning! But a combination of bad weather and an inability to cut, now that there is actually some foliage, is ruining the good intentions! Going to bite the bullet this weekend … not going to get another opportunity; the time is right, just do it!


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