Saturday, April 16, 2005

Seeds, glorious seeds!

Some how they've been accumulating from various sources, and really should be sown before they lose viability. In the box of delights there are: Limnanthes (scrambled eggs - couldn't find any poached); Floss Flowers (Blue mink which have already started germinating - ay!); sunflower and sweet pea (harvested directly from the garden!); Forget-Me-Not and Godetia (courtesy of Alan Titchmarsh and the folks at Shredded Wheat); Dahlia, Bellis Perennis and Aster. The vegetable/herb contingent consisted of various: French Bean; Parsley; Lemon Balm; Basil (hoping to make some pesto this year); Carrots; Onion; Coriander; Rocket; Chives; Sugar Snaps, Peas, Runner Beans and Climbing French Beans from Al ( Hmm, it might be a little late for some of the veggies but have got Al’s lot on the go this weekend.

I just love delving into the seed box routing around rediscovering forgotten gems! Gives you something to look forward to and plan... must confess to enjoying the whole researching, organising and implementing... control freak? Never!!


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