Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Going, going, gone!

Wow, it didn’t take the starlings long to devour the coconut feeder on the apple tree! Just a couple of days!! They’re not so partial to the feeder containing peanuts, thankfully the blue tits and sparrows aren’t as fussy.

It was great seeing the birds muscle their way in for the food. The pecking order is marsh tit, sparrow, blue tit and starling. Anything larger didn’t really get a look in. Its been highly entertaining watching the pigeon trying to get some of the action. Every time they have perched near the feeder the branches just bend down and away from the food… As the branches start curving they waver trying to retain their balance, but the momentum downwards is too great, and yes they are forced away deprived of a morsel. However they’ve noticed the fallen nuts and have been hoovering them up, so everyone’s a winner!

Fingers crossed the squirrels remain unaware of the feeders. After speaking with friends whose feeders have been pillaged or physically removed, it is one experience that I’d rather avoid…


Blogger Al said...

ah! the squirrels will get you! no matter what happens, the squirrels will get you. And then they'll come in droves. We currently have four terrorising the garden. You can have one of ours if you like...

12:42 PM  

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