Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Germination - the story continues

There are those that made it, those that faded away and those that just never really got started. The parsley and basil are our successes, and now beginning life outdoors, braving this unpredictable weather. The tomatoes and chillis have moved to the porch, to acclimatize for independence outside. And then there’s the lettuce and spinach, thin strips of pale green that seemed to hit an invisible ceiling and then keel over and shrivel up… Exactly the same scenario as last year! Maybe I’m destined never to have salad apart from the rocket which is thriving. Not that I really mind since it’s quite peppery, and I just LOVE pepper!

Perhaps there wasn’t enough air circulating in the house which would affect the rate of evaporation, moisture content and strength of the seedlings… this had never crossed my mind… of course, it makes sense! Outside there’s bound to be a breeze or some wind or rain forcing the seedlings to stand up for themselves. So I’ve started fanning my seedlings – feeling little a self conscious doing this in the porch for the whole world to see! Yes, they have the star treatment: water to prevent dehydration, a balanced diet from their compost, sunshine (April showers permitting), warmth and exercise! Hey, what more do you need?!


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