Saturday, April 02, 2005

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Yes, the weekend is finally here so that I can get the new additions into the ground. Luckily the weather has improved so today, Saturday, is sunny with bright blue skies. Although I've got a rough idea of where everything will eventually find its home, still got to try all possibilities! Since we spend more time in the back garden it tends to get more attention so you want your favourites out there. And here's my dilemma, we got some lovely Sempervivum (houseleeks, which I strangely find irresistable!) and they like dry, sunny spots. Do you plant them out in the front? This would be the most appropriate place for them, but where you won't really get to enjoy them. Or do you plant them in the back garden where you can see them struggle with the wetter, richer conditions? Looks like a decision has been made - the front garden it is. Just have to decide where in the front they should go?!?


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