Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Crystal ball reading

Yes, our water butt has arrived! We’d been talking them for ages, and as we want to be more sustainable this is step in the right direction. Friends told us about the scheme with Thames Water and obviously we jumped on the band wagon signing up for the butt, stand and tap. Well, if you’re going to do it at all you might as well go the whole hog! Didn’t actually realize how large it was – it’s massive!! We’ve been discussing where in the back garden it could go without taking up already limited space. Guttering and down pipes determining the final decision!

Really looking forward to using the butt since we’re definitely going to have a hot dry summer this year – yup been gazing into the crystal ball recently… Ah, no more trips to the kitchen, no more spillage in the house, no more dousing the plants in cold water, no more tap water (don’t mind our tap water for drinking but have always been uneasy using it for watering).

Roll on the hot, dry summer – we’re ready!


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