Thursday, April 21, 2005

Creepy crawlies

It certainly was the day for it on Sunday! Started planting out the sweet peas in the front and although the ground was slightly cold and wet it was still teeming with life. With every hole dug some bug was disturbed. There were quite a few millipedes, earthworms (in abundance), the ubiquitous woodlice, spiders or various shapes, size and colour, beetles and lots of unwanted slugs and snails.

Insect life didn’t stop with the earth, no, they were airborne too! Apart from spotting our first butterfly (a cabbage white flitting across the front garden) there were plenty of hoverflies and bees. The bees have been present throughout the winter (the temptation of the flowering honeysuckle shrub was obviously too much) but was relieved to see the hoverflies back since there are aphids on the tulips. There I was worrying about the roses when I should have been looking lower down!

Of course these creepy crawlies are all welcome since they are a tasty treat for the next step up in the food chain. Hopefully the avian and amphibian communities and stop in at Chez Asha for a bite to eat!


Blogger Al said...

i'm sure the bugs will stop if they smell curry! As will I!

1:39 PM  

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