Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Retail therapy

I’m always little apprehensive on trips to the garden centre, acutely aware of the gaping holes (chasms) in my knowledge. But armed with my carefully prepared list there will be no tempting this time round. And no, I won’t budge on those 'buy 10 herbs for £10.00' although they do look really good… Be strong, you only have thyme on the list.

It’s amazing (you can tell I don’t get out much) how much variety there is and also the difference in quality from one garden centre to another. As we were browsing mom and I were wondering whether birds do prefer boxes with pointed roofs to sloping or flat ones? Is there a trend sweeping through the avian world where the property of choice features a pointed roof? Having said that I was really taken with the sparrow flats on offer – they were so cute... it’s such a shame that we just don’t have the room!

Managed to acquire most of the items on the list, so really looking forward to this weekend when I’ll have an opportunity to plant out all the new additions. I have to admit that this is my favourite bit of the shopping trip – getting your hands dirty!!


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