Thursday, March 24, 2005

My organized chaos!

The whole process of life from seed to shoot to leaves to bud to flower to seed is fascinating. Plants aren’t just inanimate green structures strategically positioned to show off their form and colour! No!?! They are also living, breathing, forces of life – yes my tree-hugger side has (finally) appeared.

In years gone by I have been quite content to have bare patches of ground instead of pesky weeds but perhaps that wasn’t the right approach to take. It’s probably better to have some unwanted plants hanging around and still soaking up all that CO2 rather than leaving the soil bare, ready to be baked by the sun. I don’t think that my (human) neighbours will approve – they probably think the garden’s a mess already! But I like to think of it as an organized chaos… a little bit of wilderness in south west London… great excuse hey?


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