Monday, March 21, 2005

A good spring clean...

Ah, feeling much better today since I have satisfied my gardening fix this weekend! The sunny weather during the last week has been a complete distraction as I was wishing that was pottering about outside...

Our front garden is the final destination for most of the rubbish in the area (or so it seems) courtesy of the wind. You can find anything from sweet and crisp wrappers to cardboard and plastic packaging to cigarette butts to bottle caps – and I think you get the gist! Psychologically half the battle is the removal of the rubbish and then you can concentrate on the garden stuff – all those weeds!!!!

Finally all the effort over the last couple of years is paying off as I was able to work through the most offending sections in a morning – this is something that was unheard of when we first moved in! The front is now looking more respectable as I have great plans for this plot….


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